Friday 21 August 2020

The Benefits of Laser Cutting

The art of laser cutting requires knowledge, expertise and a certain level of patience. With prevalent results every time, we are looking at the benefits of choosing a laser cutting service in-line with your company's marketing requirements. Laser cutting is a flexible, timely and cost effective method of achieving precision. 

So what are the benefits? 

Flexibility: Once ready to go, machines have the ability to create many different shapes in a single material thickness. There’s absolutely no need to switch tools to achieve end results whilst intricate details pose no problems whatsoever. 

Precision: Perhaps one of the most important factors for any company signage is precision. Logos need to fully reflect brand guidelines and the laser method ensures this. Accuracy of +/-0.1mm means after treatments are not required. 

So far so good;

How about Speed? Whilst traditional methods continue to hold their place in the industry, laser cutting machinery is by far the quickest. Complex cuts are achieved much faster and this means turnaround times become less. Results? Happy customers. 

Automation is a factor: Laser cutters are highly automated meaning less manpower is needed. An experienced operator is still required and without this, quality is likely to be poor. Automated machines result in less cost and savings can of course be passed across to customers. 

How about overall quality? 

Results are fantastic every time. When set up correctly and with expertise, machines leave only the slightest burr, often not even noticeable. Laser cut letters are sharp edged and eye catching whilst logos stand out in a crowded space. 

Laser cutting certainly seems to benefit everyone from a business right the way through to the end user. 

Expertise must be highlighted;

We’ve briefly mentioned the need for an expert to operate laser cutters, but why? Set up is one of the most important factors and without the right knowledge, results can be average at best, poor at worst. A successful operator knows the correct methods of ensuring high quality and standards each machine is capable of producing. 

Laser cut letters, logos and signs ‘pop’. In a world where branding is everything your company needs to stand out in the complex world of business and we’ll help you achieve this.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Laser Engraving: Which Industries are Benefiting?

Welcome to our blog where here at Furnells we are going to kick start our posts, investigating the industries currently benefiting from laser engraving.

So what exactly is laser engraving?

laser engraved doctors door plaque

The process involves laser beams which create specific designs on certain materials. Designs can be anything from company logos on a wooden plaque to personalised keyrings. Laser engraving is usually carried out using industrial machinery for best results. Materials that work well include stone, wood, acrylic, plastics, leather, paper and more. Many companies use laser engraving for advertisement purposes:

  • Outdoor signs

  • Indoor Signs

  • Desk Plaques

  • Door Plaques

  • Promotional Materials

How does it work? 

Laser engraving is carried out by removing layers of material to reveal a different shade of colour underneath. Materials like wood when engraved create an amazing level of contrast and don't forget, the more powerful the laser the more material removed. 

Which Industries are Benefiting From Laser Engraving?

jars of jam

The Food Industry: The food sector is managing to rapidly increase customers through the art of laser engraved products and packaging. This process allows companies to create much more complex designs and as a result, they’re standing out from the competition. 

Electronic Industry: This is a vastly growing sector and one of the largest in the world. With the introduction of new technologies almost on a daily basis, laser engraving is used to help.  Traceable labels and serial numbers are engraved for certain devices and once implemented, can never be removed. Without such techniques this method would have to be done alternatively. Serial numbers on a sticker can, of course, be removed. 

Medical Industry: The manufacturing of equipment is often overlooked in the medical industry. This process actually plays a huge part in the production of high quality medical equipment. Its smooth and clear method allows items such as test tubes to be easily created. And let's not forget that laser engraving can be done through non contact, perfect in the reduction of potential contamination. 

tiffany laser engraved bracelet

Jewellery: Jewellery suppliers rely on different engraving techniques and massively benefit from these. Such a process adds value to pieces through high quality design. In particular, laser engraving is used for personalised messages on gold and silver jewellery. 

At Furnells we are engraving specialists offering services to both personal and commercial customers. From engraving gifts through to laser cut logos we have over four decades of dedicated experience. 

Tuesday 9 June 2020

test post

Well known for our top quality specialist engraving service in London, Furnells have almost 40 years experience as commercial engravers and during that period have built up an enviable reputation for superb craftsmanship,customer care and reliability that is now recognised throughout the world.

The Benefits of Laser Cutting

The art of laser cutting requires knowledge, expertise and a certain level of patience. With prevalent results every time, we are looking at...